A new innovation in education mobility

This project represents a new era for private and government schools in South Africa & beyond. A dynamic mobile educational tool that injects energy and freedom into the classroom environment.  Conceived, design, prototyped and produced in South Africa, this innovative educational tool is playful, colourful, contemporary and encourages integration & participation for students of all ages.

The problem we set out to solve was simple. While teaching pedagogy and technology has evolved rapidly over the last ten years. The way children interact with their teachers and each others has not. Changing the environment in which children engage has a significant and proven impact on their ability to learn.

In partnership with award winning design team Adriaan Hugo & Katy Taplin, the AFROCELTIC design team spent six months working through a strategic design process to understand the needs of children and teachers in the emerging economies. After developing and testing several prototypes in a live environment, the team settled on a proprietary design and developed a manufacturing process that utilised a “kit of parts” production model. Thus ensuring that over time and with the right training, the manufacturing process could be replicated in any emerging market

With just under 15 million children and young adults in the education system in South Africa alone, when rolled out at scale, the social impact will be significant.